Why is your product sales
going from bad to worse?


Why is your product
Not up to grade


You have to product packaging
Integration scheme


Precise brand positioning, highlighting product image

Advertising language Location Personality Brand

Make the product more brand sense

Packaging design with visual impact

Color Trademark Graphical Written words

Let ads and colors live on paper

Packaging with added value, quality and beauty

Design Material Science Technology Details

Quality comes from quality, beauty comes from technology

he packing element layout harmonious

Element Layout Culture Image

Let product packaging produce affinity with consumers


Packaging is not only to protect products, to convey commodity information, and to facilitate the use of the role

More important is to promote sales, increase value-added, establish the affinity of products and consumers

The vast majority of consumers are perceptual consumption


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东盛印刷为您提供360度全方位营销Custom packaging服务

Custom packaging hotline:13560450062     

  • 客户提供定制需求

    1Provide customers with customized needs

  • 针对需求,小组研讨会

    2Group seminars for demand

  • 量身打造Custom packaging方案

    3Tailor made packing box customized program

  • 设计手绘及盒型结构

    4Design hand drawn and box structure

  • 样品确认及签订合同

    5Sample confirmation and contract signing

  • 根据样品精工制作

    6Seiko production according to samples

  • 品质管控 QC全检

    7Quality control QC inspection

  • 物流服务(周边5大物流中心)

    8Logistics service (the 5 major logistics centers around)


Witness 15 years of wind and rain

13years 200colleagues 5000Day and night

We are committed to doing one thing: providing one-stop package solutions

91 %Customer return and referral rate


Customer trust


Support of famous enterprise groups


Years of concentration


Domestic customer


Foreign customers


Everything we do is for your satisfaction

Quality comes from quality

Using high quality "green" environmental protection materials, pay attention to environmental protection standards, while reducing the cost of enterprises, products before leaving the factory there are a number of internal quality testing, product 50% using artificial paste, to ensure the quality of products and low consumption rate.

Beauty comes from design

By the senior professional designer surgeon, for commodity target population, design targeted personalized logo and color collocation makes according to product attributes can be selected according to the variety of packaging materials, product attributes can choose diversified packaging materials, to make your product out of the ordinary

Dongsheng printing—"Ultimate commitment"That is a challenge, but also a kind of self-confidence

4 Big service commitment

1Commitment period without delay, do not shirk

3Promised free delivery in some areas

2Commitment material green environmental protection true and reliable

4Commitment to provide free short-term storage under the conditions permit


Strength enterprises, capacity ahead

13 years of industry experience, 50 sets of automation equipment, 200 professional staff, 15000 square meters workshop


Complete manufacturing system

One stop design, printing, packing box solution expert


Perfect design, exquisite workmanship

Professional design team, product more selling point, CXS packaging - your product "silent" salesman

Dongsheng 6 advantages

Diversified customization service

Personalized customization to enhance the sense of product brand
How far is the material production line tailored for different products


Green pioneer

Using environmental protection material, through layer by layer inspection, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, FSC environmental protection certification environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification


Thoughtful service system and new concept of packaging innovation

et up a special project team to follow customer needs and communicate packaging solutions, discuss brand positioning, combined with product sales point, select packaging proofing。

Custom box hotline



One stop packing box solution expert


About Dongsheng

Guangzhou Dongsheng Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of press and publication publications sentinel printing factory, is a professional company engaged in the publication, pictures, books, packaging boxes, paper bags, magazines, album, calendar, and medium-sized printing enterprise Yellow Pages and other kinds of paper printing.

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